Wedding and event photography
by Peter Van Beever.

The setting for this beautiful Austin, Texas wedding is serene on a sunny summer day before guests arriveThe bride is beautiful in a vintage collared white wedding gown before her ceremony in Austin, TexasDetails of this Austin, Texas outdoor summer wedding include an intricately carved silver wooden box, and the wooded sunny setting; the bride and groom spend time with each other and with the groomsmenA snapshot of the ceremony:  the bride spends time with her bridesmaids, dressed in different style black satin dresses, while the groom hangs out with the groomsmen, wearing red ties which match the cool red lanterns before this Austin, Texas wedding, photographed by Peter Van BeeverThe bride gets ready with her bridesmaids, wearing purple dresses, at the Aldie Mansion, before this Autumn wedding in PennsylvaniaThe father of the bride checks his phone on the limo ride to the ceremony, to take place at the Aldie Mansion in PennsylvaniaThe bride goes with soft curls for her wedding day hair styleThe bride has her hair and makeup done at a salon in Pennsylvania, with Marilyn Monroe looking over herA guest laughs, enjoying a moment before the ceremony at the Aldie Mansion on a beautiful fall dayGuests walk to the ceremony at the Aldie Mansion for this fall weddingTwo young guests pose for a shot before the outdoor ceremony at the Aldie MansionGuests look on as the bride and groom take their vows on a beautiful, sunny day at the Aldie MansionThe parents of the groom walk down the aisle together at this Aldie Mansion weddingThe bride looks happy surrounded by her bridal party as her father gives her awayThe bride walks along the path at the Aldie Mansion on her beautiful wedding day, with her veil fluttering in the breezeThe bride and groom hold hands as they leave their fall ceremony at the Aldie Mansion in PennsylvaniaA guest looks happy heading to the cocktail party following the wedding ceremony at the Aldie MansionGuests travel together from the outdoor ceremony site to the indoor recpetion at the Aldie Mansion in PennsylvaniaGuests enjoy a moment together during the cocktail party at the Aldie Mansion, following the outdoor wedding ceremonyThe bride looks down at her bouquet wearing her beautiful lace inspired A line gown and veil before her wedding ceremony at the Aldie Mansion in Pennsylvania, wedding photography by Peter Van BeeverThe maid of honor gives a toast in her purple dress at the indoor wedding reception at the Aldie Mansion in PennsylvaniaThe groom's parents share a dance together at the wedding reception at the Aldie MansionA vintage car is the preferred method of transportation for this bueatiful fall weddingThe front detail of the vintage car is wrapped with roses and flowers for the bride and groom's send offThe bride and groom sit in this vintage car on a beautiful and sunny fall day after their wedding ceremony at the Aldie MansionGuests enjoy appetizers and cocktails on the patio area at the Aldie Mansion following the fall wedding ceremonyA beautiful bouquet of flowers, include pink and peach roses, and yellow flowers, compliment the fall weddingGuests relax, mingle, enjoy appetizers and cocktails at the coktail party following the wedding ceremony at the Aldie MansionA family poses for a portraits, wearing colorful dresses; one girl wears bright pink, another a cute white dress, their mom wears a blue gown, while the father sports a tuxedo and the son a coat and tieGuests enjoy the warm and sunny wearther on a fall day during cocktail hour at the Aldie MansionThe church spire stands out against the beautiful blue sky and palm trees of Los AngelesThe bride and groom hold hands outside the church in Los Angeles, surrounded by Palm TreesA guest looks excited after the wedding ceremony at a church in Los AngelesThe bride whispers into the groom's ear as they share a moment on the beach, right by the ocean, after their wedding in Los AngelesA guest gives a mischevious smile as she gets ready for this Los Angeles weddingA beautiful pool surrounded by stone walls, flowers, and palm trees, sets the scene for this beautiful and sunny Los Angeles weddingDelicious chocolate cupcakes make a great treat at this Los Angeles weddingA black and white photo of the groom getting ready before his Los Angeles weddingThe bride and groom pose for a photo on the beach, with the blue ocean foaming at their feet after their Los Angels weddingThe bride and groom walk on the beach; lemons dangle from the trees; pink tea candles in glass jars; pink lilies and other bright flowers set the scene for this Los Angeles weddingThe bridal party, wearing bright red dresses, walk with the bride and groom on the beach following their wedding in Los AngelesThe groom fixes his tie in front of a window as he gets ready for his Los Angeles weddingThis white wedding cake is adorned with colorful flowers, including red roses, and bright orange and maroon flowersThe bride and groom kiss on the beach after their Los Angeles weddingThe bride and groom share a moment in the limo following their wedding ceremony in New York CityThe groom holds the bride in his arms as they kiss in the middle of Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA for their out on the town engagement shootLiberty Place stands tall against the Philadelphia skyline from the balcony of XIX restaurant for this couple's engagement shootThe inside of XIX restaurant in Philadelphia is elegant and sophisticated, with beds hanging from the high ceiling, and large windows letting in lots of warm sunlightA bride poses for a shot at the Brandywine Battlefield in Pennsylvania after their wedding ceremonyThe father of the groom looks on as the bride and groom pose for photosA couple walks together on a beautiful, sunny fall day at the Tyler Arboretum for their elegant engagement photosA couple runs through pine trees during their engagement shoot at the Tyler ArboretumThis copule shares a moment on a beautiful, sunny fall day at the Tyler Arboretum for their engagement photosA couple walks, holding hands, through the beautiful fall scenery at the Tyler ArboretumGolden yellow leaves and a blue sky set the sunny mood at the engagement shoot at the Tyler ArboretumThe couple hugs under a large tree, adorned with golden yellow leaves in the warm sunny fall weather at the Tyler Arboretum for their engagement photos, photographed by Peter Van Beever
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